Guest Spots… UPDATE!!!

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We’re starting our preparations to head down to the Southampton Tattoo Festival in a couple of weeks, with Ant and Jo heading down on 4th and 5th July to show Southampton how we do it here at MLTC! If you’re heading down, be sure to swing by our booth to say hi. But fear not, it will be business as usual in the studio if you’re not heading to the Festival. Josh and Col will be here both days and still have some space to tattoo, so if you fancy getting some time in the chair that weekend, get in touch.



We’re also really excited about the guest artists who we will be hosting over the next few weeks… these guys will have limited appointments available on a strictly first come, first served basis, so please get in touch if you are interested! We’ve got guest spots coming up from the following:




So first up is the awesome Chris Ravage, who will tattooing with us on 25th and 27th June. Check out his work below, and let us know if you fancy getting your own piece of stunning realism while he’s here.


1656361_783979171651399_4366213227266635095_n  10891951_776604702388846_645905014919589666_n  10309346_831292593586723_5918729454834986735_n  11175019_824011800981469_623332936140232962_n  10945374_886204928111589_369836535678795897_n



Next is the crazy talented Joe Phillips, who will be here from 7th to 11th July. Joe is already fully booked on all five days, but we just had to share his amazing “psychedelic space bangers” with you… tea drinking alien, anyone?


11071009_829689687126144_725685258090941368_n  10998006_861014910660288_5485905337814737557_n  11143209_846035622158217_4477268138685741652_n  10956262_829689820459464_3212197907821797188_n  11401509_853403711421408_6631550762259778886_n



We then have the amazing Danny Anderson with us the following week, from 16th to 18th July. Here are some designs he would love to tattoo while he is here. If you see one you like, make sure you grab it now!


10333812_10206614556019744_2897524442755760530_o  11009963_10206614556739762_6835000717302257370_o  11393289_10206614557779788_7317315541120803564_o  11402672_10206614557259775_2940074158077628972_o  11406257_10206614556419754_6689039432599159305_o


We’re really looking forward to having all three with us and remember, if you have a design in mind, want to discuss your tattoo ideas, or just fancy hanging out in our awesome studio, we’re always here Tuesday to Sunday!



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